Awards are presented in recognition of specific contribution to sports in the community, see our FAQ page for award criteria. Recipients of an award are not inducted into the Hall of Fame and are not considered members.

The President’s Award is presented at the sole discretion of the President to any individual or group in recognition of their support for sports in Huntsville.

President’s Award
Randy and Tracy RobinsonPresident_Award_Robinson2017
Dino and Bessie GeorgasPresident_Award_Giorgas2017
Kenneth DonaldKenneth Donald2021 (2022)

Originally awarded to the Sports Personality of the Year until 2014, the Jan Glenn Award is now presented to the Female Sports Personality of the Year. (See our FAQ page for more information)

Jan Glenn Memorial Award
Bill Schell1972
Madge Traves, Jim Boston1973
Don Hartwick1974
Shirley Markle1975
Brian Verbonac1976
Max Hayward1977
Lynn Sargeant, Jack Woodruff1978
Bill Fraser, Rosemary Fraser1979
Nick Hedley1980
Liz Antcliffe, John Travers1981
Brian Maxwell1982
Major Bob Briggs C.D.1983
Marion Percival, Aubrey Percival1984
Mike Graham1985
Tom Pinckard1986
Dan McConnell1987
Rose Hamblin1988
Bill Ballentine1989
Walter Johns1990
Janice Cornett1991
Joey Reid1992
Linda DronseikaJan Glenn Award Linda Dronseika 20072007
John Newall2008
Lynn Sargeant, Don McCormick, Linda RoweJan Glenn Award Sargeant_McCormick_Rowe2009
Justin Crawford and Dara Howell2013
Kerri Ludlow, Pierre Mikhail2014
Sharon Wallace, Jane WolfeJan Glenn Award Sharon Wallace and Jane Wolfe2015
Janet Markham, Rose EvansJan Glenn Award Rose Evans and Janet Markham2016
Melissa Key and Justine BrownJan_Glenn_Award_Melissa-Key-and-Justine-Brown2017
Karen Litchfieldan-Glenn-and-Mike-Greaves-Award-winners-Karen-Litchfield-and-Bill-Coon2018
Joy JarvisJan Glenn Award  - Joy Jarvis2022
Nicole DutkiewiczNicole Dutkiewicz2023

The Mike Greaves Award is presented to the Male Sports Personality of the Year in the community.

Mike Greaves Memorial Award
Winston WatsonMike Greaves Award Winston Watson 20152015
Rich TrenholmMike Greaves Award Rich Trenholm2016
Bill KennedyMike_Greaves_Award_Bill-Kennedy2017
Bill Coonan-Glenn-and-Mike-Greaves-Award-winners-Karen-Litchfield-and-Bill-Coon2018
Rob Horton and Mike VarieurRob Horton & Mike Varieur2022
Glen Duffield and Michael HillGlenn Duffield and Michael Hill2023

The Peter Jacob Memorial Award is presented to an individual who has made a recognizable contribution to sports in the community.

Peter Jacob Memorial Award
Jane Wolfe2022
Sharon StahlsSharon Stahls2023