1997 Hawks Senior Master’s Lacrosse

1997 Hawks Senior Lacrosse
1997 Hawks Senior Lacrosse

The Huntsville Senior Masters Lacrosse Team had an outstanding year in 1997 winning both the Provincial and Canadian Championships. This was a real tribute to Huntsville, and it demonstrated the several decade dominance that our community has had as one of the great lacrosse meccas in Canada.

The team won the first tournament of the year hosted in St. Catherine’s, then won the Provincial Championships (a 5-game tournament), narrowly in overtime. Then went on to win the Canadian Championships a few weeks later (also a hard fought 5 game tournament that included 12 teams). This was the only year that a Canadian Masters Lacrosse Championships has been staged since the League started in the early ‘90’s. It remains a real honour for all who were part of this team.

It should be noted that the Huntsville Silver Hawks have won several provincial championships before and since, but this team was particularly talented and powerful. The team featured many of Huntsville’s most dominant players in their era including 8 former captains of the Huntsville Junior Team. Every player who dressed for the team in that year has been included in this honour. Bob Peppler was the team captain and our Manager and League Representative was Bob Adams who has also been an outstanding contributor to the game of lacrosse in Huntsville, and across Ontario.