Don Thompson

Coach - Don Thompson
Don Thompson

Don Thompson was born and raised in Huntsville. As a typical northern town boy, hockey and lacrosse were a very important and big part of life. It is said that Don could more often than not be found in the arena, whether he was playing , supporting or there as a trainer, manager or coach.
Don filled many of these positions throughout his life, especially in lacrosse during the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. Some of his accomplishments include: trainer for the Midget Northern Zone Champions in 1957, manager for the OMLA Pee Wee “A” Champions in 1961, team member of the OLA Intermediate “A” Champions in 1961 and coaching and or assistant coaching the Jr. Hawk Lacrosse Teams in 1965 and 1966. Don married and built a family in Huntsville, becoming a volunteer firefighter and eventually Deputy Fire Chief. In this role he again was able to connect with youth as an educational provider for fire safety. Don also played Oldtimer’s Hockey in Huntsville and was part of the international win overseas in the 70s.
Don loves sports and loves helping and supporting others. His time with Huntsville Jr. Lacrosse in general is testament to that.