Donald Lough

Builder - Don Lough
Don Lough

In every community, there are always a few citizens who have both the desire and the ability to be instrumental in providing the community with the necessary facilities so that the community may grow.
Mr. Donald Lough is such a person. Through his own abilities and through those of his company Muskoka Construction, Mr. Lough was very instrumental (amongst others) in providing the community with an indoor hockey rink, known as the Huntsville Memorial Community Center, This structure was built to such standards that even today the original floor is still used in lacrosse, after 40 years. Mr. Lough was also instrumental in the building of the Huntsville Curling Club. Facilities aside, Don Lough also supported the community through his support of coaches, Mye Sedore in hockey, and Jim Bishop in lacrosse. It is no coincidence that Huntsville enjoyed some of its greatest success in team sports during this period. Mr. Lough also had a hand in the career of speedboat racer Art Asbury, as he and his company sponsored the fine speedboat MISS MUSKOKA.
As with most men of his calibre, we will never know fully how Mr. Donald Lough affected the athletic community because so many of his contributions were done quietly and with true generosity.