Larry Ireland

As a kid in the 50’s and 60’s Larry Ireland was an exceptional athlete,
involved in both Lacrosse and Hockey. He played his entire minor hockey
career in Huntsville, and played for the Huntsville Junior C team in its’ very
first year. He did the same with his minor lacrosse career in Huntsville.
In 1963 he and several of his buddies followed coach Jim Bishop to
Oshawa to play for the famous Oshawa Green Gaels. He played in 1963
and 1964 helping the team win 2 Minto Cups.
When Junior B lacrosse returned to Huntsville, so did Larry. He was the
captain of the 1965 Huntsville Teen Towners , and led his team to the
Canadian Championship, the Castrol Cup, in their very first season. He
feels that this was his crowning achievement.
Larry’s commitment and love of the game continued, as he returned to play
Lacrosse for Huntsville at both the Junior and Senior levels. He also
signed a professional contract with the Montreal Canadians of the National
Lacrosse League in 1968.
Larry returned to the game of hockey, joining the Huntsville Oldtimers, as
well as coaching novice lacrosse teams.
Larry was inducted into the HUNTSVILLE SPORTS HALL OF FAME in