Abbot Conway

Athlete - Abbot Conway
Abbot Conway

Abbot Conway competed in the Men’s 800m Athletics (track and field) event in the 1936 Berlin Olympics placing 2nd in the 1st round and 5th in the semi-final in 1:55:0. His 5th place finish did not qualify him for the final.
The Berlin Olympics were Hitler’s highly controversial Olympics in which Jesse Owens set a Olympic record with 4 gold medals. These Olympics were featured in the movie “The Jesse Owens Story”.

These Olympics occurred following Conway’s 3rd year studying law at the University of Toronto. Following graduation he joined the Canadian Army’s Algonquin Regiment seeing action in France, Holland and Germany. During his time in the army he competed in the Army Games placing 3rd in the 800m. He retired from running following the Army Games.

As an interesting side bar, Conway’s grandfather built and ran the Anglo-Canadian Leather Company (the tannery) in Huntsville and his father later ran it.