Deane Murdy

Builder - Dean Murdy
Dean Murdy

By day Deane Murdy was a dentist. In the off hours he was heavily involved in the Huntsville community on hospital committees, service clubs, the Fairvern Board and with the Huntsville Oldtimers hockey team.
Deane was a member of the Huntsville Oldtimers from the beginning days acting as treasurer/manager/trainer and was instrumental in its development in the early years. He was with the team in Holland when they won the first world championship in 1976. The team travelled to Denmark, Switzerland, Florida, San Diego, Vancouver, Montreal and across Ontario and Deane was always there.
There are no on ice stats for Deane as he never played hockey. He did everything from stitching up cuts and saving teeth to clearing out dressing rooms along with managing the teams finances. He was a team builder, working in the background and remained with the team in to the 90*s
The Canadian Oldtimers Hockey Hall of Fame inducted Deane to the builders category in 1989 for his dedication to the Huntsville Oldtimers organization and the sport of Oldtimers Hockey.
In 2015 Deane was inducted to the Huntsville Sports Hall of Fame with the 1976 World Champion Huntsville Oldtimers Hockey team. Deane had previously been inducted to the Huntsville Sports Hall of Fame in the builder category.