What is the history of the Jan Glenn Memorial Award?

The Jan Glenn Memorial Award was named after Jan Glenn who worked in the office of the Huntsville community centre and arena for many years, working alongside the various parks and recreation directors over the years. She very quickly became the face of the arena and was adored by the sporting community. Upon her untimely death, the Jan Glenn Award was awarded annually to the Huntsville parks and recreation committee’s volunteer of the year. It was awarded annually since the late 1970s at the Town of Huntsville’s recognition night. Because the town had done away with the recognition night for a few years, the Huntsville Sports Hall of Fame committee approached the town to see if they might take it over and resurrect the award to its previous glory by presenting it to the Huntsville sportspersons of the year, male and female. The town agreed provided it remain the property of the Town of Huntsville sports and recreation committee. The award has been presented by the Sports Hall of Fame since 2013.

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